Our mission

Passion for potatoes!

From our organisational structure as a cooperative, we deliver high quality seed and ware potatoes all over the world, with the associated expertise. We develop varieties suitable for every location around the globe where professional, successful and sustainable potato growing is feasible. This is our way of contributing to food security for an ever-growing world population. With respect for people and the planet, we create value for our customers and the members of our cooperative.

Our vision

Growth is our ambition!

By growth in the professionalism of the organisation, we ensure potato growing of a higher quality level. Always with the fullest attention to innovation, people and the planet. Our growth is motivated by an increasing, global demand for seed potatoes. We develop the best varieties for existing and new markets. For ware potatoes, cultivated using both conventional and organic methods, we will achieve growth as a booster in the domestic, Dutch market. We work on optimal growth for all our stakeholders in an environment that motivates and inspires.

Core values

Agrico has defined three core values that are leading in the daily actions to realise the vision, mission and strategic goals.

  • Professional
    The Agrico employee is a result-centric professional who influences situations and achieves goals based on current and extensive factual knowledge.
  • Committed
    The Agrico employee accepts responsibility for the organisation and his or her own actions. Enduring relationships are created through an open and transparent way of cooperating and sharing knowledge and skills.
  • Personal
    The Agrico employee is reliable and genuinely committed and supports and encourages where possible.



Contact - Agrico

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