Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to the environment (planet), social developments (people) and economic developments (profit) are part of the business DNA of a modern company, a company that does not shirk its responsibility, which enters into dialogue with its stakeholders and collaborates with them on building a sustainable future.

Therefore we have woven CSR into our strategic goals. CSR Corporate social responsibility should be a supportive and enduring pillar of our business. To secure this Agrico uses the ISO 26000 standard.

ISO 26000

ISO 26000 is the international standard for the implementation of CSR in an organization. The ISO 26000 standard is based on seven key themes where the CSR policy of a company would have to give up:
1. Board of organization 
2. Human Rights
3. Labour rights
4. Environment
5. Fair business practices
6. Consumer matters
7. Involvement in developing community 

[Press the picture for enlargement] Figure 1: The relationship between the seven principles and key themes of Agrico.

More information?

Do you want to read more about sustainability within Agrico? Take a look at our reference matrix ISO-26000 here.