Meet your future colleagues here

Annemarie de Ruiter-Nicolaas, molecular biology analyst

For me, Agrico Research is an attractive employer because they allow you all the space you need to develop on your own and learn so much more with your colleagues!


Martine Muijsers, work placement

My time here taught me a lot, and I am very proud of the end result. It was not an easy assignment, but with good supervision I managed to produce something the organisation is actually still using!


Peter Boutkan, field staff

I see Agrico as a no-nonsense organisation with a clear focus on people. I'm glad Agrico gave me the opportunity to develop. We get the job done together.


René Vernooij, logistics administrator, table potatoes

Agrico and I suit each other very well. I can see that there is room to grow at Agrico. It's all about identifying, creating and using opportunities.


Ruurd Lindenbergh, junior export manager

Agrico has set up a special traineeship for my job. To help me grow in my job, I spent 18 months working in the Netherlands and abroad.