A potato for every customer

Agrico is a large, powerful cooperative. With our high quality varieties and specialised growers, the whole world is our market. From a small seed, via seed potatoes to ware potatoes or processing potatoes. Are you interested in buying potatoes? Then you have come to the right address. This also includes organic potatoes. You follow in the footsteps of many customers because:

  • Agrico customers can chose from more than 80 varieties;
  • We adapt our methods as far as possible to suit your local conditions thanks to our international network of subsidiaries and Agrico agents in more than 75 countries;
  • Agrico offers premium quality potato varieties cultivated by specialised growers;
  • The logistic process is tailored to optimally suit your wishes;
  • We comply with the latest food safety standards;
  • There are no limits to the attention we pay to both our potatoes and our customers.


Do you have any other questions? Please contact Agrico