The perfect potato for your processing purposes

If you are looking for potatoes for crisps, salads or refrigerated products: then look no further. All our potatoes are grown with the greatest care and in accordance with the latest food safety standards. As well as a versatile range of conventionally grown potatoes, Agrico has a wide range of organic varieties.

You can chose from potato varieties that have been specially developed for the processing industry’s target markets. The potatoes in question are easy to process, always available, and above all very tasty! But we like to make an extra effort, and think along with our customers about efficiency and optimum production.

Logistics: just-in-time and under optimum conditions

Every year we transport thousands of tons of potatoes. By working with experienced transport companies we deliver our potatoes to you just-in-time and in optimum condition. There are no limits to the attention we pay to both our potatoes and our customers.

Year-round program ensures a constant flow of potatoes

We create a year-round program using special varieties, different origins and optimum product care. You are always guaranteed a supply of potatoes. Our year-round deliveries make sure that you always have the best potato with the highest yield.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier who always provides quality? Take a look at the processing potatoes page or contact Agrico by e-mail or by telephone on + 31 (0)527 639911.