Seed potatoes for worldwide use

Each country and each population has its own preferences regarding shape taste and cooking quality. So local growers need seed potatoes that meet their customers’ specific expectations. On top of that, each country or region has its own, unique cultivation conditions. Type of soil, climate, fertilisation and storage conditions are all key factors determining the end result.

We export seed potatoes to buyers all over the world. You can chose from a range comprising more than 80 varieties. At Agrico you will always find a potato that meets your specific requirements. Our seed potatoes are grown by 600 specialised Agrico growers on more than 11,000 hectares of fertile soil. Our product technical department intensively supervises those growers throughout the cultivation process.

Extensive international network

We grew up in the Netherlands, but now the whole world is our field. Quite logically, as Agrico offers countless advantages, such as:

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