Water reservoir lined at new greenhouse complex Agrico Research

21 months ago. 

Last Thursday, the sheer strength of 50 employees at Agrico and Agrico Research was applied to help pull the liner into the water reservoir at the new greenhouse complex of Agrico Research. An activity where many hands really did make light work!

The purpose of the reservoir, which measures 52 m long by 27.5 m wide, is to store rainwater collected from the greenhouse roof so it can be reused to irrigate the plants in the greenhouse. Rainwater is naturally softer than tap water as it contains less lime, so it is better suited for irrigating the plants in the greenhouse. Lining the reservoir signalled the official start of construction work and everyone enjoyed a celebratory cup of coffee afterwards.

View the photos and video here of the liner being pulled into the reservoir.


Zeil intrekken waterbassin nieuw kassencomplex Agrico Research Vimeo from Agrico on Vimeo.


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