Table potatoes that answer everyone's requirements

Our patterns of consumption change constantly. Hobby cooks have increasingly
higher demands, and prefer to use a specific variety of potato for each type of preparation. Floury potatoes for mashing or solid potatoes for frying? Whatever dish is the consumer’s favourite, we have the right variety.

There is also an increasingly growing demand for potatoes with their own taste profile. And not forgetting convenience solutions, functional food, organic cultivation and exceptional origin. Grist to the mill for Agrico, as we ensure they are available, always and everywhere.

In cooperation with our customers we devote a great deal of care to the composition of our range and the corresponding variety programs. An acreage plan tailored to suit the demand allows us to meet the incredibly diverse preferences of the consumer markets.

Consistent potato quality, all year round

Our growers keep records of their fertilisation programs, crop handling and storage conditions. We supplement our locally grown potatoes with controlled imports to ensure that customers are able to enjoy tasty potatoes all year round. Table potatoes from Agrico meet all relevant requirements in the field of food safety.

Potatoes with added value

As a specialist, Agrico is able to offer its retail partners added value. Within the context of a shop formula we offer category plans, in-store marketing, trade communication and market research. We gladly advise and assist our customers in developing their category. Together with our customers to determine how to offer their customers – today’s demanding consumers – the best possible service.

A freshly packed potato every day

There’s an important link between harvesting potatoes and presenting them for sale in a shop: the packaging. The packaging communicates a message, protects potatoes against the risk of damage and ensures that they stay fresh for a longer time. Our subsidiary Leo de Kock & Zonen BV in Purmerend specialises in freshly packed potatoes. The company has a modern washing and packaging station with completely computer-controlled machines. Together with its customers, Leo de Kock & Zonen BV develops innovative packaging concepts in response to the latest consumer trends. Agrico makes use of this company’s expertise beyond our borders, too.
Are you a retailer or a company that packages potatoes? Then take a look at the ‘I am a potato packer’ or ‘I am a retailer’ pages or contact Peter Dijk by e-mail or by telephone on + 31 (0)527 639515.