Cultivation and food safety

Before the potato arrives in the supermarket or at the processor it has made quite a journey. Many hands have worked to get the best result. It starts in our breeding and research company which works continually on developing new varieties that are even healthier and stronger and meet the requirements of our growers, consumers and the processing industry. The process of developing a new variety takes around 11 years.

Seed potatoes

The tubers of a new potato variety first go to a seed potato grower. This grower plants the potatoes in the ground, where they multiply. After around 5 months the grower will lift the seed potatoes. He then stores them in cool sheds after which they are re-planted the following spring and multiply again. This multiplication process is repeated 4 to 6 times. Finally, these potatoes are used to grow table and industrial potatoes.

Table potatoes and industrial potatoes

Once there are enough seed potatoes of the new variety they are sent to growers of table or industrial potatoes. Once again, this grower plants the seed potatoes in the fields. When the potatoes have multiplied and have grown big enough, the grower harvests them and stores them in his shed. When the supermarket or processing industry needs the potatoes they will be collected by truck. They will find their way to the supermarket as fresh potatoes or processed products like chips and crisps.

Food safety

All our potatoes are grown with the utmost care and comply with the latest food safety standards. Our growers keep a cultivation register in which they document fertilisation, crop care and storage methods. We make every effort to ensure that you can serve a tasty, healthy potato or potato product.