The use and the variations

Today the potato is the third most important crop in the world, after rice and wheat. Potatoes are grown in more than 130 countries and are consumed by more than a billion people worldwide.

Use in the Netherlands

The potato is the second arable crop in the Netherlands; only maize for cattle feed is more popular. The average Dutchman eats around 86 kg of potatoes a year. Of these 86 kilos 53 consist of fresh potatoes and 33 of processed products like chips, crisps, mashed potato and instant food products.

We continue to be a nation of potato eaters, but we also increasingly eat processed potato products, and products containing potato starch, like sauces.
Potato starch is also an important raw material for the industry.

Lots of variations with potatoes

The potato is used in many different ways. Seed potatoes are the starting material for next year's crop. The seed potatoes ultimately produce a crop of table potatoes or potatoes for the processing industry.

Table potatoes

Table potatoes are the potatoes we eat, either peeled or unpeeled. They are available in many colours, shapes, sizes, flavours and with different preparation characteristics. For instance, you can boil, fry, bake, steam and roast table potatoes.

Potatoes for the process industry

Among other things, the industry turns the potato into:

  • instant potato products;
  • chips;
  • crisps;
  • potato salad;
  • potato croquettes;
  • hash browns;
  • mashed potato.

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The starch in the potato is an important raw material for the following industries:

  • construction;
  • textile;
  • glue.

These industries often use the potato starch as a binding agent.