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Coöperatie Agrico U.A.’s privacy and cookie policy

Coöperatie Agrico U.A. believes that your privacy is important. So we would like to tell you how we at Coöperatie Agrico U.A. handle your personal data and cookies.   


Cookies are text files that contain a small amount of information and that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. On every subsequent visit cookies are sent back to the website which sent them or to another website that recognises these cookies. Cookies are useful things as a website can use them to recognise the user’s device.

Coöperatie Agrico U.A. uses both functional cookies and analytical cookies. It uses cookies in accordance with the cookie regulations set out in article 11.7a of the Telecommunications Act (last modified on 11 March 2015). Below is more information about cookie usage.

Functional cookies

Coöperatie Agrico U.A. uses cookies to determine the location (country) of a visitor to its site. These cookies are necessary so that Coöperatie Agrico U.A. can address the visitor in the right language (Dutch, English or French) and present the e-mail address and telephone numbers correctly in the contact forms. No permission needs to be acquired for the use of this kind of cookie as these are necessary for the functioning of the website. These cookies will not cause users any problems and they have no privacy implications.

Analytical cookies

Coöperatie Agrico U.A. uses Google Analytics for analytical purposes. Five cookies are used to report website usage to Google Analytics. These are cookies whose names start with: __utm.

You can find further  information about these cookies on this website.

Coöperatie Agrico U.A. uses analytical cookies to gain an insight into how our website is used. This information is important to us as we can use it to continue to improve the quality of the website.

Permission needs to be requested for the use of analytical cookies only if this usage has more than minor consequences for users’ privacy. Coöperatie Agrico U.A. complies with the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Authority so there are no adverse consequences for your privacy as a user and your permission for this usage is not required by law.

Deleting cookies

As described above, Coöperatie Agrico U.A.’s cookie usage has no or scarcely any consequences for your privacy. If you nevertheless want to delete existing cookies from your device, you can do this using the browser options of the browser you use (for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome). If you want to prevent cookies being attached to your device in the future, you can change your browser settings to this effect.

If you look at your  browser settings or options, you will be able to recognise Coöperatie Agrico U.A.’s cookies by the name “. Coöperatie Agrico U.A.”. If you delete cookies, this may affect the use and performance of our website.