Financial details Agrico

What started back in 1973 as the merger of 3 cooperatives has expanded in the intervening period into a major cooperative with national and international subsidiairies and joint investment interests. We market in excess of 800,000 tons of potatoes annually. With more than 900 members and 193 employees, Agrico is a leading enterprise in the domain of seed potatoes, table potatoes and industrial potatoes.

Our company has enjoyed a healthy financial position for many years. For an impression of our (financial) performance, please see the annual reports on this page.

Key figures Agrico

The table below shows the consolidated key figures of the Agrico group.

  Harvest 2015 Harvest 2014 Harvest 2013
Consolidated net turnover (euro) 269.0 million 235.9 million 269.9 million
Turnover in tons 718,100 658,500 632,500
Average number of employees 217 207 208
Balance sheet total (euro) 59.1 million 60.0 million 46.2 million
Solvability 52.4% 52.3% 58.2%
Firms 890 894 883


Contact - Agrico

Postbus 70, 8300 AB Emmeloord
Duit 15, 8305 BB Emmeloord
+31(0)527-639 911