Innovation that responds to trends

The world around us is changing. The population is ageing, the acreage of agricultural land per person is decreasing, and cities are forever expanding. Today's consumer wants more convenience, healthy food and sustainable production. However, each market and country also has its own preferences. And that means there is always a need for new potato varieties that are even better geared to meeting the great diversity of customers’ wishes. But also, innovative packaging concepts that reflect the latest consumer trends.

Our aim as a cooperative is to ensure continuity. To be able to grow and supply potatoes now and in the future, so we keep taking a critical look at ourselves and at the world in which we have to earn our right to exist. We want to grow and sell our potatoes with due care for nature and people. One of the ways in which we do this is by developing new potato varieties and effective innovation in the chain. To illustrate this, we have sketched a number of current projects.