Agrico reached out to the world with ‘Next Generation’ at Fruit Logistica

5 months ago. 

Emmeloord, 7 February 2020 – Agrico was exhibiting at Fruit Logistica in Berlin from Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 February 2020. At this leading international trade event, Agrico, together with its subsidiaries, demonstrated its successful contribution to sustainable potato cultivation for the ‘Next Generation’.

The title of Agrico's strategy 2020-2030 is ‘good growth’. The company's responsibility for people, planet and profit is very clearly embedded in the ambitions outlined in this strategy. An important objective is to maintain and increase the sustainability of potato cultivation worldwide. To feed the generations of today and tomorrow by offering yield security and spreading the risk of failed harvests.

Two years ago, to arm growers against the most serious disease that affects potatoes, Agrico developed a series of varieties with high Phytophthora resistance: the Next Generation potatoes. In addition to their unique high resistance, these sustainable varieties have outstanding consumption qualities in terms of appearance, taste and versatility. These qualities make the varieties attractive for both growers and customers.

The portfolio currently has a suitable variety for practically every segment. In addition to the pioneer in the range Carolus, the assortment offers Alouette, Levante, Twister, Twinner, Ardeche and Nofy. In addition, two more potentials are arriving that will widen the scope of traits offered by the varieties.

During Fruit Logistica, Agrico emphasised the growing interest and proven relevance of its ‘Next Generation’ varieties, which were the focal point at the trade event. In the Netherlands, these varieties are in high demand among growers and have become an indispensable feature of the sustainable offering in supermarkets. They are also grown in many regions worldwide and have proven their added value through good yields. This is how Agrico contributes to a sustainable future for our ‘Next Generation’.

Sustainable potato value chain Kenya
On the second day of the trade fair Agrico took part in the presentation organized by Bayer about their joint project to create a sustainable potato value chain in Kenya. Together with a third partner Yara, the three companies ensured high quality inputs are supplied to the smallholder farmers. In addition they were trained in groups on correct use of certified seeds, fertilizer and crop protection products. The smallholders, who are organized in producer groups, buy inputs on credit guaranteed by a financier against an off-takers contract from Carrefour, a renowned retailer. Results from the collaboration saw farmer yields go up from the national average of 7-8 tons/ha to as high as 49 tons hectare. These increased yields combined with premium prices from Carrefour Supermarkets resulted in an average gross income that was 9 times higher than common practice for smallholders. These joint efforts are key in helping Kenya become more food secure, in line with the Kenyan Government's strategic Big Four agenda and are boosting smallholder income in Kenya.


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